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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables you to connect and engage with your target audience at the precise moment that they are searching for information and solutions. SEO captures your prospective customer’s thoughts and intent, exactly when they are receptive to your message. SEO Training Lucknow They view the natural search results to be a trustworthy source of information, which is why proper SEO leads to a high return on investment (ROI).At Resolution Media, we provide you with tangible SEO recommendationsand help you implement them so you can maximize your coverage on search engines, drive more visitors to your website, and ultimately, increase sales.SEO is at the very heart of what we do and who we are as an organization. SEO Training Lucknow. We inject optimization into all the digital marketing services that we deliver for you. Our world-class SEO practice focuses on three core areas of search engine optimization:

  • Architecture – sitemaps, technology and meta data
  • Content – format, keyword selection and density
  • Marketing – content distribution and link-building

Our approach to SEO is comprehensive and effective:

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Leveraging Insights

With a foundation rooted in Behavioral Analysis, Resolution leverages deep customer insights to understand your targeted audience segments at a level that drives connection, engagement and action. The bottom line is that we help you understand your customers more deeply than ever before. Learn more about, our behavioral analysis methodology


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Optimizing Across the Digital Spectrum

Our SEO services span all forms of unpaid and earned media including:

  • Websites
  • Micro-sites
  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Local
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Feeds
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs

Utilizing Technology

Our RM3 Reporting and Decision-Making Technology incorporates key performance indicators that go beyond standard
position and click data to show the impact SEO is having on your overall business goals. With SEO as well as reporting in one integrated tool, our team can assess your Social Media Optimization(SMO) program holistically and determine the optimizations that will help maximize your visibility and lifetime value from each search results page.Our SEO services include:

  • Customer Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical Audit
  • Content SEO
  • Content Distribution
  • Link Building
  • Analytics & Analysis

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Get found. Get local!

For businesses such as hotels, restaurants and auto dealers, Local SEO (in addition to Local Paid Search Marketing) can drive a significant portion of your revenue. It isn’t that you should be visible locally, but rather you MUST have a strong local presence online. People are searching at home and from the office, and also while on the go, in their cars, and even in-store.Resolution Media manages your Local SEO campaigns effectively, ensuring that you are visible for the geo-terms your customers are searching on. We guide you through optimization of the digital properties that matter to local organic search, including your website, blog, micro-sites, social media properties, review sites, search engine local directories and other local directory listings.Our approach to Local SEO includes:

Leveraging Insights

With a foundation rooted in Behavioral Analysis, Resolution leverages deep customer insights to understand your targeted audience segments at a level that drives connection, engagement and action. The bottom line is that we help you understand your customers more deeply than ever before. Learn more about, our behavioral analysis methodology.

Ensuring You Are Here, There & Everywhere

We leverage every available Local SEO option, including location-based keywords, KML sitemaps, hCard micro formats, as well as the inclusion of local contact information on the page when relevant. We utilize online maps and sites such as Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, Yelp, Citysearch, and Kudzu.  We target industry-specific sites impacting Local SEO, whether UrbanSpoon for restaurants or TripAdvisor for hotels.

Localizing to Maximize ROI

Go beyond just Local SEO by localizing your content. We help you develop a local strategy that customizes your content per geographic region or city. This ensures that your content is not only optimized, but it’s compelling to your audience, differentiated from the competition and effective in driving user action.Our Local SEO services include:

  • Customer Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Local Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Local Directories
  • Maps
  • Review Sites
  • Social Media
  • Localized Content
  • Analytics & Analysis

Digital Marketing(SMO)

Nowadays, social media is a big part of any web marketing strategy conducted by a business. Companies who use the web need social media simply because it allows them to interact, engage and consult their target audience about their operations, products and/or services.As an example, businesses who build or buy ‘Facebook likes’ will usually improve their social media image by making their pages look more authoritative and engaging to their target audience.Besides encouraging FB likes, business representatives can also interact with customers who want to know more about their brand. Such interaction is what encourages people to stay loyal to brands, especially if they already enjoy the products and services.Customer interaction and retention comprise some of the most important reasons supporting social media as an important element of Internet marketing strategies. Without any kind of social media strategy, businesses are simply missing out on not only potential customers, but potential sales conversions.

Social media integration – social media, SEO and how search engines see both

Social media today now impacts the way search engines interpret your website. As a marketing channel, companies generally link their main site to their social media page, which in turn, encourages people to travel between sites to learn more about said business.When it comes to search engines, social media can play a significant role in exposing a business to a wider web audience. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing now pick up what’s known as social media signals. These signals are more or less search engine optimization (SEO) identifiers that search engines ‘pick up’ when users search for queries that pertain to the information included on said social media page.These signals are usually transmitted through social media shares, Tweets or re-Tweets and Likes, which can indicate that new and/or interesting content might be gaining popularity through a business’ social media channels. Many search engines, especially Google, pick up on social media signals, due to their continual promotion of authoritative content as valuable content that subsequently ranks high in their search results.Theoretically, a business can buy Facebook likes and hope that their consumer base shares that content amongst their peers. Although that theory is perfectly logical, search engines like Google greatly prefer if content is organically shared, instead of through seemingly conspicuous SEO techniques that can make them rank much lower from penalties.In other words, connecting social media with SEO is a means of properly utilizing social media signals to attract more visitors and loyal consumers to your business. Ultimately, the goal is ensuring that your content is authoritative and search engine friendly—and good enough for them to share with others.

Using social media optimization – tip and tricks?

There are no real secrets to using social media and SEO together. It’s a matter of reading, understanding and applying tried and true social media optimization techniques to get your business, its websites. and social channels noticed on the web.The best way to start is making sure that your content is valuable. If you have articles or other written content to share, make sure they teach your readers about something. Many articles that are shared via social media get picked up through Google and other search engines, thanks to their valuable content.Another way to have your audience share your business-related content involves, well, presenting expert content to them. People simply feel more comfortable about reading and learning information from authoritative, expert resources, commonly from .gov websites, .edu websites, Wikipedia and even other businesses.If you have content that’s related to your business, why not share it? People who are a part of your social media network may share that content if it contains interesting information—or, most importantly, information that’s important enough for other people to know.In closing, social media and SEO work incredibly well together. While you can buy Facebook likes, you can also build those likes through developing SEO-friendly content that ‘pings’ plenty of social media signals via search engines.

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