Corporate training in Lucknow

iNext provide to you easy step by step guide to learn Windows, MS Office & Internet. The course is split up into several sections, or lessons, which include with example for you to demonstrate what has been taught. Although the ordering of the sections does not have to be strictly followed, the sections become progressively more involved.
According to the “Foresight 2020” study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Asia’s overall share of the world economy would increase from its current 35% – 43% between 2005 and 2020. The study further revealed that about 66% of those surveyed believe that knowledge workers in complex roles, requiring advanced communication and judgment skills will be their most valuable employees, and to groom such employees, as much as 38% of them would require training. To address these challenges of: increasing customer service experience; championing sales & distribution and increasing statutory and process compliance, Centum Learning has created a repository of learning & development solutions that could impact your business KPIs directly with its corporate training programs.
As one of the premier corporate training companies in India Centum Learning provides 360 degree solutions using the CENT continuous engagement model. The CENT model integrates the parameters of performance with the organizations culture. Essentially it is a ‘solutions’ architecture with a four stage solution delivery approach.
Our corporate training programs provide holistic solutions and we are committed to a philosophy of excellence.

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Corporate Training

    • Input Output Device
    • Memory
    • Generation


    • Desktop
    • Folder
    • Notepad
    • WordPad
    • Paint
    • Media Player

  • MS OFFICE 2010

    • Ms Word 2010
    • Ms Excel 2010
    • Ms Power Point 2010
    • Ms Access 2010
    • Ms Outlook 2010


    • Google
    • IGoogle
    • Yahoo
    • Rediff
    • FaceBook
    • Online Banking
    • Online Reservation

Exit Profile

Candidate will be a Certified for Office profile.